• Agent Policy for Joining Casting Networks, Inc.


    In order to initially register with Casting Networks, Inc. in the Los Angeles area as an agent, you must meet the following qualifications:

    • • You must possess a valid, current Talent Agency License from the State of California.
    • • Your agency must be physically located within the Los Angeles/San Diego area. 
    • • You must have a minimum client roster of 50 clients.*

    *Agencies with less than 50 clients must provide us with:Three (3) letters of reference from Commercial Casting Directors who have posted more than three projects to agencies on our system in the past year. The Casting Directors must email us directly: manager@castingnetworks.com

    PLEASE EMAIL YOUR AGENCY LICENSE TO manager@castingnetworks.com

    Casting Networks, Inc. reserves the right to remove any agency from our system for any reason, including but not limited to:

    • • Expired Agency Licenses.
    • • Reports or allegations of unfair agency practices not sanctioned in the Laws Relating to Talent Agencies set by the California State Department of Labor.
    • • The selling or distributing of projects, emails, usernames and passwords, or any information posted on the Casting Networks systems to persons unauthorized by Casting Networks, Inc.
    • • If it is perceived an agency exists solely for the intention of representing oneself or one's immediate acquaintances (Casting Networks does not allow agents to represent themselves or family members.)
    • • The Agency is not located in the Los Angeles/San Diego area and is operating out of a virtual office/work space.

    Casting Networks, Inc. reserves the right to modify or update these policies at any time and, as circumstances arise, with or without prior notification to the parties involved.

Copyright © Casting Networks, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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