Principal Roles

Role Project Name Type Rate Union Posted/Modified
LEAD GIRL Tomorrowland Ft DJ Alok Music Video $2500/12, 3 days total, plus 20% agency Non-Union 03/26/2017

Female / All Ethnicities / 25 - 27 /

Looking for a pretty unique and brilliant actress, in what could be a career changer. A little edgy, hip. Comfortable in her own skin, authentic, approachable with a screen presence that compels the viewer to watch. She is in almost every frame and drives the entire film. Must be capable of expressing a myriad of feelings, and in a lot of scenes, be able to tell the story through her body language and mannerisms. As she goes about her day, she continually bumps into versions of herself, until at the end, her true fulfilled version comes to life. Somewhat of a coming of age. The festival scene at the end truly brings her to life, to her true self. Before that, she is confronted with the various stereotypical versions of herself according to what society encourages her to be. Cinematic and beautiful, we need to find a girl who we can take this journey with. MUST BE OVER 25! We will check at auditions. Ideally to look early to mid twenties. Open to great suggestions thank you!!!!

Ashley Stone Gray Sunshine Feature Film 100/Day Non-Union 03/26/2017

Female / All Ethnicities / 23 - 36 /

Ashley - 24-36, any ethnicity, strong female lead. Not a stereotypical role for a female. No nudity, love scenes or other cliche' "girl role" stuff. Her life doesn't revolve around a man. She's fiercely independent. This is a round, dynamic character. A home psychiatric nurse. Philanthropic - she cares deeply, but takes no shit. She's feminine, but if you get on her bad side - she flips the vicious switch. She can tap into her inner animal in a snap. Must have range and be willing to bleed for this film (metaphorical blood).

Test Role A-Don't submit Test Project- 26March- Don't submit Commercial 100 Other 03/26/2017

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 98 - 99 /


Male / All Ethnicities / 25 - 30 /

Handsome and aspirational, but still very much approachable and real. Jamie wends a healthy, active and effortlessly-buoyant path, with outdoorsy interests complementing his urban lifestyle. He's got a great smile and a slender, strong physique.

ANDRE Tribal (Prologue) Short Film $200/ day Non-Union 03/25/2017

Male / African American, Asian, Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous, Native American / 18 - 26 /

Kind hearted, loyal, and impressionable. Andre is the most sensible and least egotistical of group of boys. He tends to follow their lead too often but always has a good time along the way so he doesn’t see the harm. He has a 12-year-old brother who he has to watch over and be an example for, which weighs on him.

EDGAR MIRANDA Tribal (Prologue) Short Film $200/ day Non-Union 03/25/2017

Male / Hispanic / 40 - 50 /

Handsome, stylish, and entitled. Edgar has been a career politician since graduating highschool. He strives to ascend as far as possible and has been succeeding. Equally important to him is conveying that air of success, which he interprets as having a visibly attractive female staff at his beck and call.

HENRY Tribal (Prologue) Short Film $200/ day Non-Union 03/25/2017

Male / Caucasian / 18 - 26 /

Tough, built, loyal, and street smart. An Emory Cohen type. Once a promising student, Henry went away for a short stint in prison for dealing drugs. He knows the dangers of the world well and does his best to fit in to his preppy former life. He wants tranquility and a sense of family. Little does he know his tough and confident exterior makes him a role model to his naïve buddies.

EMILIO Tribal (Prologue) Short Film $300/day Non-Union 03/25/2017

Male / Hispanic / 18 - 26 /

Seductively handsome, rich, and the life of the party. Emilio is the son of a successful politician and lives the charmed life that growing up in a wealthy family affords. He is care-free and has a consistently positive attitude. After throwing a pre party at his father’s summer home in San Diego he sets out for a night on the town oblivious to any possible dangers.

SAMANTHA Tribal (Prologue) Short Film $300 Non-Union 03/25/2017

Female / All Ethnicities / 20 - 26 /

An intelligent and beautiful go-getter. Rachel Bilson in her OC days. She’s the deputy assistant to the Lieutenant Governor and is destined to be a liberal Kellyanne Conway. She’s attracted to Danny and feels a connection that must be ignored, due to the fact that it’s ultimately a distraction.

DANNY Tribal (Prologue) Short Film $300 Non-Union 03/25/2017

Male / Hispanic / 18 - 26 /

A sweet, bright, and overly pensive college student. Think a young Jake Gyllenhaal. He comes from a good family and aims to make them proud. He’s recently grown infatuated with Samantha and can’t seem to shake his feelings for her after they agree to stop communicating. He has a close-knit brotherhood with his highschool buddies who he is reconnecting with for the summer.

Beautiful, clear skin demo model Women's facial groomer/hair removal product Infomercial $1000 + 20% agent fee buyout in perpetuity all media Non-Union 03/25/2017

Female / African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous, Pacific Islander / 18 - 45 /

Looking for very attractive models with lovely clear skin and great smiles who will speak on camera. Best candidates have dealt with facial hair issues. Must have great skin, no freckles, visible tattoos, scars, or large moles since there will be close-ups of face used in demo of this amazing new painless and quick facial hair remover. Make note if fully bi-lingual in Spanish, or have had peach fuzz or other facial hair issues.

Female Group Member GIRL GROUP LOOKING FOR THIRD MEMBER Music $2500-$5000 FLAT RATE based upon experience Other 03/25/2017

Female / Asian, Caucasian, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous, Native American, Pacific Islander / 19 - 26 /

Looking for Latina, Asian and racially ethnically ambiguous. . or Caucasian blonde i. e. cheerleader type. . . HEIGHT 5" 6" AND UP, NO EXCEPTIONS. . . Looking for hardworking very talented artists that are willing and excited to be in a girl group. . . Looking for a stunningly beautiful " modelesque" , very beautiful. Must be in shape. Must be a strong singer and dancer. Will be asked to sing at audition. Will be asked to pickup choreography at audition. Please come in hair and makeup and heels. Come to the audition performance ready; Beyonce, Pussycat Dolls. . Rate breakdown. . . Travel expenses, music video, four records, professional photographs including hair and makeup, promotion, management etc.

Step dad Life Viral 75.00 a day. Non-Union 03/25/2017

Male / Hispanic / 37 - 57 /

Short man with mustache, could be portly and have a beer belly, improv a plus, can be Light or dark complexion, speaks Spanish, think of a Hispanic Ron Swanson with a dry wit, or mexican actor Hector Suarez type, he's always swearing in Spanish. Must be comfortable with heavy dialogue.

Female arm with visible hair Women's facial groomer/hair removal product Infomercial $300 non union buyout in perpetuity all media Non-Union 03/25/2017

Female / Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern / 18 - 40 /

Only your arm will be seen on screen and you must be willing to let it be shaved with a new painless hair removal tool. You will love this product if shaving your arms is something you have ever thought about.

Women currently with facial hair (peach fuzz to mustache) Women's facial groomer/hair removal product Infomercial $800 if speaking, $300 if not speaking + 20% agent fee/buyout in perpetuity all media Non-Union 03/25/2017

Female / African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous, Pacific Islander / 18 - 65 /

Looking for attractive women with facial hair including mustache, peach fuzz, and hair on cheek area. Must have lovely clear skin and be willing to have it removed on camera with an amazing new painless hair removal tool. Please make note on submission which area you have facial hair.

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