Extras Roles

Role Project Name Type Rate Union Posted/Modified
Red - MMA Referee No Holds Barred Feature Film 100 Other 04/22/2017

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 35 - 55 /

Referee for a MMA championship fight! Red is in the moment, with the fighters, and makes tough calls during intense fighting.

Dante No Holds Barred Feature Film $125/day Other 04/22/2017

Male / All Ethnicities / 30 - 55 /

Macho-man Dante is the king of his world, and nobody is going to mess with that. He's doesn't care about anyone's problems but his own. To make the money he knows he deserves, he runs a side business out of motel he works at, using his regular job as a cover up for his illegal activities. He's incredibly buff, hardworking, and doesn't care about what anyone thinks about how he lives his life. **Seeking large/muscular/tough look**

Officer Jones No Holds Barred Feature Film $100/day Other 04/22/2017

Male / All Ethnicities / 25 - 50 /

Well-groomed, clean cut, professional officer living out his daily life in a small town. He cares about the people living in his town and what happens in it. Good or bad, he's there for the long run.

People from all walks of life SAN DIEGO Monday 24 April GOLDEN ERA PROJECT #49 - Scientology video Television $200 Non-Union 04/22/2017

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 50 /

Shooting various scenes in San Diego Monday 24 April from 1 pm to mid evening. All outside scenes. We are looking for SD locals so if you are, please note. Scenes on Monday require men clean shaven

African American Man about 6 feet 4 inches tall to standin BARRY Theatrical SAG-AFTRA 04/22/2017

Male / AfricanAm / 25 - 40 /

Looking for an experienced stand-in for the TV series Barry for Monday. African American male approx. 6'4". Please note your stand in experience. Thank you

30s African American Male Cop Type 32 Pant 16 Neck $84/8 The Purple Rose Theatrical 84/8 Non-Union 04/22/2017

Male / AfricanAm / 28 - 35 /

Looking for an African American cop type male in his early 30s. Needs to fit 32-34 Pant waist and 15.5-16.5 Neck. Works Sunday in Glendale $84/8

Library Patron i-Count PSA $75 Non-Union 04/21/2017

Male / Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous, Pacific Islander / 20 - 30 /

Male, clean-cut, blond or brown air, physically fit, athletic slender build. No facial hair, no piercings or obvious tattoos. Able to give natural sincere delivery right into the camera

STAND IN for Samantha Cope INSECURE S2 Television SAG scale for stand in $189/8 SAG-AFTRA 04/21/2017

Female / Caucasian / 25 - 35 /

Searching for experienced stand in 5'2"-5'5" tall, petite frame, fair skin tone medium long blond hair must be avail to stand in on Monday 4/24. Thanks - DD

Men who are Amputees-SAG $162/8-for Mon. 04/24 & Tues. 04/25 Shooter Theatrical $162/8/0 SAG-AFTRA 04/21/2017

Male / All Ethnicities, AfricanAm, Am-Indian, Asian, Caucasian, East-Ind, Hispanic, MidEastern, Mixed, PacificIsland / 18 - 70 /

We are looking for men who are amputees to work on Monday 04/24 and Tuesday 04/25. This will shoot all day. Please only submit if you are an amputee. Rate is $162/8. Must be available all day on both days.

Basketball Players (at least 6' tall) Non Union Comm. Sunday Commercial $175/10 Non-Union 04/21/2017

Male / All Ethnicities / 18 - 35 /

works on Monday...put your basketball experience in notes.

Punk Extras - Concert Scene Non Union Comm. Sunday Commercial $175/10 Non-Union 04/21/2017

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 40 /

Pls send me your best PUNK photo. Works Sunday.

BUSINESS PARK employee INSECURE S2 Television NON UNION $84/8 SAG-AFTRA 04/21/2017

Male or Female / Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / 25 - 60 /

Searching for conservative smart looking BUSINESS types - LAWYER looks, HIGH TECH company looks and BUSINESS CASUAL to work on Monday 4/24 super early - must be NEW to INSECURE.and have business casual attire... thanks - DD

Vince Body Double Vince Staples Music Video $200, including agency fees, for 8 hours. Non-Union 04/21/2017

Male / African American / 20 - 35 /

Talent must be 5'9'' tall and about 140 pounds. And talent must be comfortable floating in the water. Role shoots in Signal Hill, 90755 and talent must be available Tuesday, April 25th.

Mother On The Run Television $125 Non-Union 04/21/2017

Female / All Ethnicities / 35 - 45 /

Mother is background role, but will play a major acting in the middle of the chaos. She may have a line. She is a regular caring mother in a peaceful upper middle class suburb area. She is not a hero, but when she finds her children in panic, she does everything to save them.

College Dorm Students WhistleDrop Commercial $50/day rate/buyout Non-Union 04/21/2017

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 22 /

Background students to be in the rom hallways or bathrooms Just submit headshot and resume

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